When you are feeling broken, please don’t break your child.

Have you ever lost your cool on your kid? Yeah, me neither.

Now that we’ve closed on the bridge I sold you, let’s get real. Today I read a great article by a single dad blogger. It moved me to tears. He talks about how we as parents have the power to make or break our children.

Divorce is VERY hard and VERY painful. Please, please take great care of yourself during this time. Please ask family or friends for help and support. It’s ok to feel scared and weak. You’re human, congratulations.

If you take care of yourself, the chances of you having enough love and patience to give your kid will increase dramatically. You know that saying, “please put on your oxygen mask FIRST, THEN place your child’s on them?” Same dealie here. If you can’t keep yourself feeling ok, you can’t help your kid either. If I can help lift you up when you’re in the Valley of Divorce, or WHENEVER you’re at the parenting brink . . .please email me via my site here. I’ve got your back.

I could never write about this as well Dan at Single Dad Laughing did, so here’s the blog post.

Be well, much love,
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