Junk Food & Movie Night

After my divorce, I knew I wanted to start or maintain some rituals that would benefit our son. I came up with Junk Food & Movie night. Every Friday night for quite a while, we’d get together and eat “junk food” (each person got to pick a candy or an ice cream) and watch a movie.

The movie didn’t matter. The food didn’t matter. What mattered was that for a couple hours a week, our son sat with us on the couch and we laughed at a movie. He saw that we could do that, and that things in his world were ok.

I read an article about a regular family dinner night and wanted to post the link to it here as well. Same concept: You get together and treat each other in a caring, civil manner in front of your kids on a regular basis. I hope more and more people will overcome their own hurt and pain from the divorce and realize that it’s not only healing for the kids, but healing to both people, to share a meal or a movie now and then.

Here is the link to Laurie David’s article about the family dinner.

What can you do today to show yourself and your children that you and your former spouse are being kind to each other? That is the best gift you can give your children.