Guardian ad Litem

Representing kids or adults who can’t speak for themselves in court is extremely important to me.  I take this work very seriously, visiting with my clients at length and ensuring their voices are heard in the courtroom.  People who need a Guardian ad Litem are among the most vulnerable in our society.  They deserve the very best representation and I strive to provide it.

I’ve been specifically requested to represent children in several time-consuming and complex cases due to my reputation for thorough Guardian ad Litem work.  In one case, I felt the lower court had ruled against the best interests of my young clients.  I appealed to the Iowa Supreme Court on their behalf, argued before the Iowa Court of Appeals, and won.  The day I received the decision was one of the best days of my career.  If you’d like to read the Court’s decision in that case, you can find it here (my name was Kimberly Haddox at the time I wrote and filed this appeal):