Pre-Divorce Consulting

Pre-Divorce Consulting? “What in the heck is THAT?” you might be asking. Well, let me tell you . . .

What if…you are contemplating divorce but aren’t ready to hire a lawyer? Or what if you aren’t 100% certain you want to get divorced? What if you could talk with someone about it in a nonjudgmental way? What if you could talk to someone experienced in divorce – someone who has been divorced and who has been the child in a divorce?

What if…that person also had the experience of being a divorce lawyer and divorce mediator?

What if speaking to that person resulted in your marriage getting stronger and you decided not to divorce?


What if you did divorce — but when you did, it was in a respectful, compassionate, forward-thinking way?

It’s possible.

No guarantees, of course. But it’s so much more likely with the right information. And it’s impossible if you don’t have the information you need to make better choices.

You need the right information at the right time. And the right time is before you actually file for divorce.

Over and over again, I meet people who say “I wish I’d talked to you before I even hired a lawyer. I made a mistake in who I hired and that cost me time, money, stress and was bad for me and my kids.”

Or “I wish my co-worker had talked to you before he got divorced.” Or “I wish my sister had spoken with you before she hired a lawyer.” Or “I had no idea how to choose a lawyer or what kind of process to choose.”

If you need advice about whether or how to divorce, you can reach me at to take the next steps, and we can consult from wherever you are via Skype or phone.

Love on. xoxo

p.s. Don’t need this advice yourself but know someone who might? Please do share this page with them. is how you or they can reach me, and I can consult with anyone, anywhere via Skype or phone.


Ready to get started?

Your pre-divorce consult takes place wherever you are via Skype or phone. You can reach me at to schedule our time together, and pay for the consultation via PayPal here:

Pre-Divorce Consultation
$300 USD